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Ambient temperature has a direct interference in the life of the electric motor

The ambient temperature is another factor that has a direct interference in the life of the electric motor and therefore, the environment in which the electric motor is installed should not exceed 40 degrees, because the electric motor insulation are designed to work in a place where the temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.


Fluctuations in voltage also interfere with the life of the electric motor. The electric motor of the balance is changed when the electric motor supply voltage is changed. Thus, a drop in voltage causes the flow of the magnetic circuit is limited and therefore the iron losses and the load current are reduced.

The important thing is that the electric motor torque always supplies the resistive torque so that it prevented the excessive increase in the slip.

When the electric motor is subjected to a voltage supply increasing the effect will be limited, since the load current increases while the load current is decreased.

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Parts electric motors

Parts for electric motors can be purchased in e-commerce, but also in physical trade. There are unique pieces that have a certain level of difficulty to be encountered in such cases the client has to make the request to the company that will give a deadline for delivery of the same.

When buying the electric engine parts is important that you do a price search to find the store that will offer the best value for you. The stores work with prompt delivery of parts or orders, everything will depend on the stock of each.

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Regarding values, this factor is directed to the type of piece you want to buy. We have numerous prices that vary according to each part model and it will be up to the customer to do a search values to find one that is more accessible, it makes a difference in the final value of your purchase.

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How to mount electric motor

For a specialist, the assembly of the electric motor bl1266 is a very simple procedure, but for those who are starting in this field or for those who have no experience, can be a complex process. Today there are many tutorials and information that can be obtained on the Internet that show how to mount correctly.

Mounting the electric motor is nothing more than one installation of the same in the process which will be inserted. The engine comes ready and mounted, professional just have to make the correct installation and this directly affects the functioning of the same, so it is a very important and must be done correctly step.

In case of doubt, the professional may also be referring to the information available in the engine manual itself, in it you will find important tips on correct assembly of these engines. The important thing is to make the correct procedure to avoid compromising the proper functioning of the machine.

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Understand what is the rated power of the electric motor

The rated power of the electric motor is nothing more than the mechanical power that is available from the electric motor shaft when the electric motor is operating within its nominal characteristics.

The electric motor power is limited because there is an increase in temperature of the windings and this causes the electric motor would be able to drive loads where there are greater powers than the rated power and when it is close to the maximum torque but when the overload is above the allowed, it may cause the electric motor windings suffer and the result will be said the commitment of the life of the windings and this may even result in their firing.


When the electric motor power is required, this means that power loads always constant determination thereof to the electric motor is chosen and the electric motor work with nominal or higher power.

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Learn a little about the car invention that has an electric motor

The electric car of the invention is attributed to several people. In the year 1828, it was invented by Anyos Jedik a primitive electric motor sf430 and from it a small car that served as a model to be powered by the electric motor.

Already in 1834, Vermont Blacksmith Thomas Davenport was the first American to invent an electric motor. The inventor installed the electric motor in its small car model and the electric motor caused the car to circulate in a short circular electrified track.

Between 1832 and 1839 it was the turn of the Scotsman Robert Anderson develop an electric car that made use of a battery that had their food loaded with the help of a small electric motor. The car was heavy, expensive and was always need to recharge your battery.

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