Breakdown electric motor must be notified

Breakdown electric motor must be notified to transported, the insurance company and WEG

WEG is a company that tests the electric motor during its manufacturing process, but to receive the electric motor is to be seen whether the electric motor suffered no damage during the transport process. mrosupply ac motors 2016

If the electric motor is supplied with a fault, it must be registered with the carrier the problem and the electric motor insurance company must also be informed immediately as well as the WEG because if not made, the company may cancel guarantee the electric motor.

The electric motor should conduct a comprehensive inspection on the product, it is necessary to verify that all data on the nameplate are following what was asked in the purchase. It also needs to be removed every shaft locking devices and we need to turn the electric motor shaft manual way to check whether the electric motor rotates freely.

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Electric motor is of utmost importance in the Brazilian industrial sector

The industrial sector is the one who spends about 40% to 50% of all the electricity that Brazil spends and the electric motor is spending about 80% and it is this fact which is evidenced the importance of the electric motor in the industrial sector of Brazil.

The basic purpose of the electric motor mro supply em43 motors is to perform the drive of machinery and equipment that are mechanical.

The important thing is that the user knows to choose which is the best electric motor to be used in each of the industrial process, because even though there are many options, there are electric motors that run on alternating current, which can be single or three phase or DC however it is important to know that in each of the applications it is important that the electric motor has mechanical and electrical characteristics that meet all the process in the best possible way.

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Understand the types of cargo on the electric motor

The industrial load and also the similar account with the electric motor cage induction or three phase and that the power is equal to or less than 200 hp and always applied in a system that is continuous.

The standard indicates that the figure as an integral part of that definition, the electric motor must comply with NBR 7094 standard and it set the electric motor’s operating system is S1.


When the load is residential or commercial, the electric motor is rated power always less than 2 CV and this is what constitutes the part of the apparatus used in the kitchen or appliances that are electrical professionals.

With a view to setting a limit that is greater than the power in the definition is to be similar loads normal and industrial, but may not have a limit that is lower and so is excluded a category of cargo that are defined as commercial or residential .

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Electric motor operation

Despite being well known, the operation of the electric motor ends up generating some doubts in some people. The aim here is to show how this machine is much simpler than most think, understand what it is for and how it gives the inner workings of it.

The motor is an electric motor responsible for making the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, thus it can meet many different segments. A very important product and that has evolved over the years, but today can have many variations and it can meet different segments.

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Inside, this engine has parts that are responsible for performing its main function. For this, the engine uses the principle of electromagnetism to work. The transformation of energy is fundamental to the operation of various parts, processes and products which we use in our routine.

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